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Basic Usage

[p] in this guide represents your bot's command prefix. Whenever you see a command in this guide, you can receive more detailed help by using [p]help with the command name.

To start an adventure, use [p]adventure or [p]a. Reactions will appear underneath the text of the adventure randomly selected for your group. Use 🗡 to attack the monster, ✨ to use magic on the monster, 🗨 to talk with the monster, 🛐 to pray to the god Herbert (customizable). The more people helping the easier it is to defeat the monster and acquire its loot.


Classes can be chosen at level 10 by using [p]heroclass. Available classes are Tinkerer, Berserker, Wizard, Cleric, Ranger and Bard. A prestige class called Psychic is available at Rebirth level 20 (more on the rebirthing system below).

Main Stats: Attack (ATT/ATK), Charisma/Diplomacy (CHA/DIPL), Intelligence (INT)
Minor Stats: Dexterity (DEX), Luck (LUCK/LUK)

While each class has a main stat that benefits them more than others, Dexterity and Luck benefit every class. Dexterity can lessen your repair bills after a failed adventure and help your hero get critical hits, while luck can benefit the outcome of special attacks, reduce cooldown times, augment critical strikes, affect loot chest outcomes, and reduce the price of items.

Tinkerers can forge two different items into a device bound to their very soul.
Special ability: Use the [p]forge command.

  • Forge together two items in your backpack to potentially make an incredibly powerful random item.
    Preferred stat: INT
    At 30 rebirths, Tinkerers can forge Ascended-level items.

Berserkers have the option to rage and add big bonuses to attacks, but fumbles hurt.
Use the [p]rage command when attacking in an adventure.

  • Causes a large amount of ATK-based/Physical-based damage.
    Preferred stat: ATK
    Rebirths provide not only a base bonus to attacks as Berserkers grow stronger, but they augment critical strike chance and attack value.

Clerics can bless the entire group when praying.
Use the [p]bless command when fighting in an adventure.

  • Bless your groups' damage by invoking your deity. The more people that are participating, the harder the deity smites their foes... if they choose to help.
    Preferred stat: INT
    Every 15 rebirths a Cleric recieves another +1 to their successful prayer damage multiplier.

Rangers can gain a special pet, which can find items and give reward bonuses.
Use the [p]pet command to try to catch a pet companion. Pet catching can be spammy, so [p]pet can be run in DMs.
[p]pet forage sends a pet to search for items, and [p]pet free will free your companion in case you wish to try your hand at capturing something that brings in more gold and loot from fights.

  • Catch one of over 900 randomly-generated pets in search of the legendary beasts rumored to exist...
    Preferred stat: CHA for charming pet companions and enemies, or ATK for pure damage

Wizards have the option to focus and add large bonuses to their magic, but their focus can sometimes go astray...
Use the [p]focus command when attacking in an adventure.

  • Causes a large amount of Int-based/Magic-based damage.
    Preferred stat: INT

Bards can perform to aid their comrades in diplomacy.
Use the [p]music command when being diplomatic in an adventure.

  • Buffs other Charisma-using players when attacking.
    Preferred stat: CHA
    Rebirth levels can buff the base value of the bard's attack.

Psychics can show the enemy's weaknesses to their group allowing them to target the monster's weak-points.
Use the [p]insight command in an adventure.

  • A successful insight into an enemy's weak points during an adventure can turn the tide on difficult encounters.
    Preferred stat: INT

Basic Commands for Players

[p]adventure or [p]a

  • Start an adventure


  • See your stats, or the stats of another user.


  • Check the backpack. Use [p]ebackpack to only show items that you can equip at that time. Use [p]cbackpack for complex argparse-based backpack management - see [p]help cbackpack to see how to use this command.
  • Use [p]help backpack to see a list of useful backpack management subcommands, including player item trading.

[p]equip / [p]unequip

  • Equip/Unequip items by using the item name with the command

[p]negaverse or [p]nv

  • Try your luck in combat vs. a shadowy apparition from the void for a chance at XP... or a chance of your items and gold being taken from you instead.


  • Shows the count of your precious loot chests. From there, multiple chests of the same type can be opened at once, e.g. [p]loot epic 5 will loot 5 epic chests at once and display the contents. Opening loot chests one by one will display a comparison to what the hero has equipped at that point in time.


  • Available after Rebirth level 2
  • Convert 25 loot chests to the next highest rarity. Only available up to Legendary.


  • Players progress through a rebirth prestige leveling system alongside regular player levels. For every rebirth, the level cap is increased. Players will need to watch their level cap on the [p]stats output and rebirth when needed - hitting level cap during an adventure will also alert the player at the end during the loot recap.
  • On a rebirth, a server admin or bot-owner settable percentage of gold is taken from the player (default at 90%).
  • Legendary and Ascended items have a quality called Durability/Degrade Level (DEG) that is reduced by 1 every time a rebirth occurs. When this number hits 0, they are destroyed on rebirth.
  • Set items never degrade.
  • Normal, rare, and epic items are destroyed by the chaotic powers of rebirth.
  • In return, rebirthing gives higher base stats and a higher max level, an adventure dice increase at rebirth 15 and 30, and the ability to have a clearer picture of incoming monsters during Hard Mode adventures.


  • When players level, they acquire skill points that they can use in improving one of the main stats (ATK, CHA, INT). These numbers are reset on a rebirth, but as players level in the rebirth level system, they will keep an increasingly larger amount of the base when they rebirth again.

More Advanced Commands for Players

[p]backpack disassemble

  • Take apart an unused piece of gear to try to get something good out of it. This complex command also uses the same argparse-style command structure that [p]cbackpack does. Reading this is recommended.

Monsters, Adventures, and the Numbers

When an adventure is over, an output of the outcome is displayed. Sometimes the numbers won't seem to match up - why did that owlspider resist your 1,000 magic damage that you threw at it - and the output says 680 damage instead? Each monster has a resistance table where they could be resistant to magic like in this example, and it mitigated a good chunk of the attack. Having a balanced group across all classes is where adventure really shines - physical and magical damage is combined in adventures, and charisma stands alone in its persuading power to turn the fight around without fighting. Successful prayers by clerics over large groups augment damage of both damage types. If a group defeats an adventure on "both sides" of the damage (both physical+magical and diplomacy) the rewards are greater for the whole group.


Items can be looted from loot chests received from a successful adventure or bought from a Trader Cart that appears in chat.

Going from least to most powerful, generally the progression is normal < rare < epic < Legendary < Ascended < Set. Forged items are a Tinker's specialty. Event items can be created by a bot owner as a special reward to hand out to specific users for bot events or other incentive-based rewards.

{Event:''Event items look like this''}
{.:'Forged items look like this':.}
{Set:''Set items look like this''}
{Ascended:''Ascended items look like this''}
{Legendary:'Legendary items look like this'}
[epic items look like this]
normal items look like this

[p]setinfo displays information about gear sets and their bonuses. Set items have a stacking set bonus. For example, if one set has 9 pieces, and [p]setinfo shows that it has a bonus at 3 pieces equipped, 6 pieces equipped, and 9 pieces equipped, all three of those bonuses will be applied if the player has all 9 pieces equipped.

Advanced Adventure for Admins/Bot Owners

Read [p]adventureset and familiarize yourself with the subcommands available in that command. A few of the commands are highlighted below as they offer options that affect the whole game and also the bot itself. The bot owner can spawn specific adventure monsters that are in the theme list by using [p]adventure with the name of the monster.

The Trader Cart System

[p]adventureset cart <#channel> Sometimes a traveling merchant cart will roll past offering new items for adventurers to buy or loot chests to purchase. Admins/Bot owners must set this cart channel first before carts will appear. Carts have roughly a 3h return time, but this is also configurable.