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  • Usage: [p]adventureset
  • Checks: server_only

Setup various adventure settings.

adventureset locks

  • Usage: [p]adventureset locks
  • Restricted to: ADMIN

[Admin] Reset Adventure locks.

adventureset locks adventure

  • Usage: [p]adventureset locks adventure
  • Checks: server_only

[Admin] Reset the adventure game lock for the server.

adventureset economy

  • Usage: [p]adventureset economy
  • Checks: check_global_setting_admin, server_only, and has_separated_economy

[Admin] Manages the adventure economy.

adventureset economy withdraw

  • Usage: [p]adventureset economy withdraw

[Admin] Toggle whether users are allowed to withdraw from adventure currency to main currency.

adventureset economy maxwithdraw

  • Usage: [p]adventureset economy maxwithdraw <amount>

[Admin] Set how much players are allowed to withdraw.

adventureset advcooldown

  • Usage: [p]adventureset advcooldown <time_in_seconds>
  • Restricted to: ADMIN
  • Checks: server_only

[Admin] Changes the cooldown/gather time after an adventure.

Default is 120 seconds.

adventureset carttime

  • Usage: [p]adventureset carttime <time>
  • Restricted to: ADMIN

[Admin] Set the cooldown of the cart.
Time can be in seconds, minutes, hours, or days.
Examples: 1h 30m, 2 days, 300 seconds

adventureset version

  • Usage: [p]adventureset version

Display the version of adventure being used.

adventureset cartname

  • Usage: [p]adventureset cartname <name>
  • Restricted to: ADMIN

[Admin] Set the server's name of the cart.

adventureset rebirthcost

  • Usage: [p]adventureset rebirthcost <percentage>
  • Checks: check_global_setting_admin

[Admin] Set what percentage of the user balance to charge for rebirths.

Unless the user's balance is under 1k, users that rebirth will be left with the base of 1k credits plus the remaining credit percentage after the rebirth charge.

adventureset god

  • Usage: [p]adventureset god <name>
  • Restricted to: ADMIN

[Admin] Set the server's name of the god.

adventureset cart

  • Usage: [p]adventureset cart [channel]
  • Restricted to: ADMIN
  • Checks: server_only

[Admin] Add or remove a text channel that the Trader cart can appear in.

If the channel is already in the list, it will be removed.
Use [p]adventureset cart with no arguments to show the channel list.

adventureset cartroom

  • Usage: [p]adventureset cartroom [room=None]
  • Restricted to: ADMIN

[Admin] Lock carts to a specific text channel.

adventureset showsettings

  • Usage: [p]adventureset showsettings
  • Cooldown: 1 per 4.0 seconds
  • Checks: server_only

Display current settings.

adventureset embeds

  • Usage: [p]adventureset embeds
  • Restricted to: ADMIN
  • Aliases: embed

[Admin] Set whether or not to use embeds for the adventure game.