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Adventure Slash Commands

  • Most commands are hybrid commands but shown as slash commands for ease of use. If you prefer text commands, you're welcome to use them instead. see [p]help Adventure for more informations and complete list of commands.

adventure start (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure start [challenge]
  • challenge: (Optional) …

This will send you on an adventure!

You play by reacting with the offered emojis.

Challenge is Owner only and cannot be used by anyone else.

adventure rebirth (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure rebirth

Resets your character level and increases your rebirths by 1.

adventure negaverse (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure negaverse <offering>
  • offering: (Required) …

This will send you to fight a nega-member!

adventure loot (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure loot [box_type] [number]
  • box_type: (Optional) …
  • number: (Optional) …

This opens one of your precious treasure chests.

adventure convert (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure convert <box_rarity> [amount]
  • box_rarity: (Required) …
  • amount: (Optional) …

Convert normal, rare or epic chests.

adventure aleaderboard (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure aleaderboard [show_global]
  • show_global: (Optional) …

Print the leaderboard.

adventure scoreboard (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure scoreboard [show_global]
  • show_global: (Optional) …

Print the scoreboard.

adventure nvsb (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure nvsb [show_global]
  • show_global: (Optional) …

Print the negaverse scoreboard.

adventure wscoreboard (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure wscoreboard [show_global]
  • show_global: (Optional) …

Print the weekly scoreboard.

adventure heroclass (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure heroclass [class] [action]
  • class: (Optional) …
  • action: (Optional) …

Allows you to select a class if you are level 10 or above.

adventure pet find (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure pet find

[Ranger Class Only]

adventure pet forage (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure pet forage

Use your pet to forage for items!

adventure pet free (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure pet free

Free your pet 😢

adventure bless (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure bless

[Cleric Class Only]

adventure insight (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure insight

[Psychic Class Only]

adventure rage (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure rage

[Berserker Class Only]

adventure focus (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure focus

[Wizard Class Only]

adventure music (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure music

[Bard Class Only]

adventure forge (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure forge

[Tinkerer Class Only]

adventure skill (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure skill [skill] [amount]
  • skill: (Optional) …
  • amount: (Optional) …

This allows you to spend skillpoints.

adventure setinfo (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure setinfo [set_name]
  • set_name: (Optional) …

Show set bonuses for the specified set.

adventure stats (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure stats [user]
  • user: (Optional) …

This draws up a character sheet of you or an optionally specified member.

adventure unequip (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure unequip <item>
  • item: (Required) …

This stashes a specified equipped item into your backpack.

adventure equip (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure equip <item>
  • item: (Required) …

This equips an item from your backpack.

adventure backpack show (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure backpack show [show_diff] [rarity] [slot]
  • show_diff: (Optional) …
  • rarity: (Optional) …
  • slot: (Optional) …

This shows the contents of your backpack.

adventure backpack equip (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure backpack equip <equip_item>
  • equip_item: (Required) …

Equip an item from your backpack.

adventure backpack eset (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure backpack eset <set_name>
  • set_name: (Required) …

Equip all parts of a set that you own.

adventure backpack disassemble (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure backpack disassemble <backpack_items>
  • backpack_items: (Required) …

Disassemble items from your backpack.

adventure backpack sellall (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure backpack sellall [rarity] [slot]
  • rarity: (Optional) …
  • slot: (Optional) …

Sell all items in your backpack. Optionally specify rarity or slot.

adventure backpack sell (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure backpack sell <item>
  • item: (Required) …

Sell an item from your backpack.

adventure backpack trade (Slash Command)

  • Usage: /adventure backpack trade <buyer> <item> [asking]
  • buyer: (Required) …
  • item: (Required) …
  • asking: (Optional) …

Trade an item from your backpack to another user.