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Example Tags

The following tags listed show examples of using tagscript blocks.

Context Variables Example​

The following tag shows an example of using the various attributes listed in Default Variables.

[p]tag + intro **HI {user(nick)}, WELCOME TO {guild}**
User: {user(name)}#{user(discriminator)}
ID: {user(id)}
Created: {user(created_at)}
Joined: {user(joined_at)}
Color: {user(color)}
Name: {server(name)}
ID: {server(id)}
Created: {server(created_at)}
Member Count: {server(member_count)}
Human Count: {server(humans)}
Bot Count: {server(bots)}
Sever Info: {server(description)}
Random Member: {server(random)}
Name: {channel(name)}
ID: {channel(id)}
Mention: {channel(mention)}
Created: {channel(created_at)}
NSFW: {channel(nsfw)}
Topic: {channel(topic)}

Information Storage Example​

This simple tag shows how to store repeated/informational text. This tag has often been used in a support server

[p]tag + ss Please send a screenshot. It’s much easier to figure out your problem if we can see what went wrong.

Information Storage Example​

The following tag is a simple example of using a tag to add an alias to a command.

[p]tag + l {c:lock {args}}

Embed Tag Example​

The following is an example of using embeds in tags ( JSON ). This tag has often been used in dank memer servers.

[p]tag + gping {require(855358569209397279,802817599078793216,871979044072210504):<:dl_staff:855594650244874260>}
"text":"donate for more~",
"description":"<a:partyy:892522448413687829> __**Sponsor**__: {args(1):,}\n<a:partyy:892522448413687829> __**Prize**__: {args(2):,}\n<a:partyy:892522448413687829> __**Message**__: {args(3):,}\n<a:pinkheart:892524596568420413> **THANK SPONSOR IN <#802568125413064725>** <a:pinkheart:892524596568420413>",
"title":"<a:giveaway:855465212177809459> ** π†πˆπ•π„π€π–π€π˜** <a:giveaway:855465212177809459>"
{c:forcemention 802820502292267069}