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This page shows the basics for the giveaways cog.


Melon has an easy to use giveaway system, and also have some cool features, here are a few:

  • Multiple Winners
  • Lockable with role or amari requirements
  • Re-roll winners from a giveaway
  • Custimize your giveaway embed to your needs


You can host embedded giveaways with Melon, Melon sends an embed containing information such as the prize, the amount of winners, the requirements and the time it ends.

People have to react to an emoji set by you through the [p]gset emoji :new_emoji: command ( defaults to 🎉 ) and after the time has come for the giveaway to end, the bot will choose the winners from the list of people who reacted and sends their mentions in the channel and edit the original embedded message.

You can also set multipliers for roles which increases the chances of people with the role to win in a giveaway ( [p]gset multi add <role> <multi> ). These multipliers stack a user's entries in a giveaway get added up for each role multiplier they have.