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Getting Started

So you want to host giveaways in your server ehh? Well, you're in the right place!

This small but descriptive guide will help you on your way to hosting giveaways in your server.

What is a giveaway?

Let's start with what a giveaway is first. A giveaway is a small competition type event where you give away something to a random winner. It can be anything from a role to a custom emoji to a custom role color. The possibilities are endless!

In discord's terms though, giveaways are hosted in a lottery style. You can use a bot for this or do it yourself. Using a bot is the easiest way to host giveaways and is the recommended way to do it.

You use the giveaway command on a bot and the bot posts and embed explaining the details of the giveaway. Users then have to react to a given emoji on the message and they get entered. After the tme ends, the bot posts the winners of the giveaway chosen at random.

How to host a giveaway with melon?

Hosting a giveaway with melon is easy. You can use the [p]giveaway start command to host a giveaway.

This command, however, is aimed towards people who have a knowledge of how giveaways work. If you're new to giveaways, you can use the [p]giveaway create command instead. Its an interactive process that will guide you through the process of hosting a giveaway.


Melon offers a wide range of customizability for giveaway and it is recommended to tune your giveaways to your server's needs first.

THe first and foremost settng you should change is the emoji. This is the emoji that users will have to react to in order to enter the giveaway. You can change this with the [p]gset emoji command.

The second most important thing is setting who can host giveaways in your server. This setting unfortunately is not on a per user basis but rather on a per role basis. You can set the role with the [p]gset managers command.

All of the rest, including how the embed looks and how the winners are chosen, can be changed with the [p]gset command and its various subcommands.

The best thing about melon is its ease of use and customizability. You can host giveaways in your server in a matter of minutes and you can tune it to your server's needs.

What's next?

Now that you know how to host giveaways, you can start hosting giveaways in your server. Read through the rest of the guide for a more clear cut understanding of how giveaways work and how to use melon to host them.