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Slash Tags allow you to create custom Discord Slash Commands which harness the power of the TagScriptEngine. If you haven't already, it's recommended you also read the Tags page for a general understanding of TagScript blocks.

Tag Creation


[p] is your prefix.

Add a tag using the following command:

[p]slashtag add mytag Hi This is my first tag!

The bot will then ask for a tag description, for which you can respond with:

My first slash command.

Afterwards, the bot will ask whether you would like to add arguments to the tag. In this example, we won't be adding any arguments, so reply no:


Invoke the slash with a /:


The bot then responds with the tag's tagscript:

Hi This is my first tag!

Context Variables

Tags come with built-in variable blocks you can access for more information about the invocation context. These are:

  • author
  • channel
  • server

You can see attributes available using these blocks in Default Variables.